Hey! My name is Kallah, I am 28 and the mother of 3 boys.


After years of researching, experimenting with, and enjoying the fitness world daily, I finally decided I should just start a blog already and document my findings/adventures.

I know. I’m a drop in a bucket. A drop who in all likelihood missed The Blogger Wave to success. But I love fitness for its own sake, and, being an external processor, I can really get a lot personally out of the simple act of sharing what I’m doing and thinking re:health and fitness.

In the real world I am an extrovert, and I love getting feedback and opinions and new friends. So please don’t hold back your comments!!




ps: I do use affiliate links! I make a small commission off the products that are bought if you found it on my site :). I never recommend things I have not or would not buy for myself, and I pride myself on being a thorough sales shopper and sharing that info with my friends! So all that to say, I hope you feel you can trust my recommendations.