Why You Should Stop Dieting from Foods and Start Dieting From Hormones


I avoided it for years. The chemical phobia. The kind that makes ordinarily sane people throw out perfectly good shampoo and sign up for $50 per month Honest Company subscriptions and accidentally refer to the horrifying unpronounceable ingredients in things that may, actually, be water.

But then – I should’ve guessed this would be the way of my demise – I read this article in the good ole goop.com newsletter.

I know. Collective eyeroll.

But there were a few things that, well… they just rang of truth to me. The whole interview was actually really balanced, in my opinion.

I also felt that I had experienced a hormonal shift and re-balance in my own life, after my firstborn, and this lady helped explain some of it.


I dropped down to feeling skinnier than I ever had felt within 4 months of his birth. I literally did nothing.

I have had a harder time losing a stubborn last five pounds after my third baby. Maybe this is all due to being a few years closer to 30, but I also suspect it is related to hormones.

The good news is – you can overcome a slight hormonal imbalance that causes you to retain that extra fluff in your midsection. You don’t need pills.

I’m doing FOUR things.

1) Working. Specifically, building muscle. It is shown that insulin resistance and pre-diabetes can be successfully fought with resistance training. I am pushing myself to use higher weights and not be afraid of bulking up.

2) De-stressing. I am cutting out phone usage at night, and aiming for 8 hours. Stay tuned, this is a hard one for me! I always get a second wind at around 9:30! I also read that long walks lower cortisol so this counts too.


 3) Eating. Not only am I increasing my lean protein and vegetables, as well as decreasing my sugar intake, I am zealously watching my soy intake. Soy is a huge natural source of estrogen. If you already have a hormonal imbalance, triggered by age and pregnancy, chances are your estrogen level does NOT need to be any higher. When you start checking for soy (here is an awesome list that shows you what it can masquerade as – I made a note in my phone), you realize it is IN EVERYTHING. Cutting out soy is more effective in ridding your diet of processed junk foods than even eliminating gluten is.

Also. Blake Lively cut out soy to be ready for The Shallows after her first baby, and if she doesn’t convince you in that film, I don’t know what will!


4) Beauty and Self-care. Goop briefly mentioned the endocrine interrupters that are in many beauty products. Endocrine, for my fellow Right Brainers, indicates that part of your system that balances your hormones. Things that interrupt it in sending and receiving signals to the body, can contribute to a situation of mayhem. Apparently, the worst endocrine interruptor is artificial fragrance.

No you don’t have to sign up for BeautyCounter, or whatever the latest expensive MLM scheme is. You can download the Think Dirty app on your phone and simply scan the bar codes of everything in your bathroom cabinet. It is free and impartial.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 3.45.31 PM.png

For a face wash that won’t hurt my endocrine system, or contribute to haywire hormones, I cannot recommend Damn Good Facewash enough.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 3.28.21 PM.png

I LOVE IT. It is handmade in Cape May, and it is a great deal! Nothing artificial, and best of all, super effective. I especially would recommend it for the dry winter months. Also it lasts forever! I bought mine in January and it still has half the jar left.

So! that’s what I’m focusing on to shed the last five pounds, instead of tons of cardio or calorie counting. In fact, in the interest of de-stressing, I am taking a break from my FitBit addiction to see if the unwatched pot boils. 😉

Let me know if you have any success with these things!


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