My daydream workout clothes.

I feel like I have been hibernating for the last two months. The back and forth – literal Hot and Cold – ness of the weather in NC made me so grumpy and frustrated that I just couldn’t stir up any creative juices.

Anyway. It’s saturday. The sun is finally out again, there isn’t a dip below 66 on my 10 Day Weather forecast, and I am about to go for a quick training run. LIFE IS GOOD.

On my radar…

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 10.25.14 AM

I discovered Outdoor Voices and I am PINING for all of it. It has such a cool, laid-back vibe that perfectly fits my fitness philosophy… aka, fitness that isn’t competitive, it shouldn’t be “work”, and is fun, happy and sustainable.

Here’s how they put it on their site:

Exercise – for me – is a stress-relieving outlet. It is not an added stress, or a chore to be done. SO I love how OV calls it “recreational” fitness. Yup, thats me!

My goal as an adult is to maintain the pure, innocent attitude we have as kids with exercise… it is playtime, enjoyable for its own sake.

Here, everyone wears Lululemon like its going out of style, and each time I ALMOST pull the trigger and buy some Lulu’s, I just hate the whole idea. It is so yuppie and suburban. It feels like something middle aged women wear.

The aesthetic of OV is more my style – it is effortless and cool, by contrast.

Also, I love how they sell Kits so you can start to build a nice OV wardrobe without breaking the bank.


I want it so bad I kind of hate sharing it because y’all might buy it out before I can snag that adorbs Warm It Up outfit. 😉 My only question is how does the performance of the material compare to Lululemon, Athleta or Nike?… after all, despite my insistence on having fun with my workouts, I am 28 and I like to push myself to get an endorphin high each time. Hannah Horvath I am not.


(But also, can we all acknowledge how awesome these pieces look on Lena D?)

As soon as I have saved up enough to try it out, I’ll publish an updated post to give my honest assessment of the performance quality. In the meantime – any opinions?


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