Tone It Up Challenge… 2 weeks in update.

The challenge: 1) get through winter in one piece. 2) enjoy fitness so that it isn’t a counterproductive problem.

Here I am, 2 weeks in, and I think this is working.

I have pushed myself really hard every day, and it doesn’t feel like I’m going toward burn out! I do give myself a cut off of spending no more than 30 minutes working out. This is a personal choice; I could easily throw myself in for 90 minutes, and I have too many other things I could and should be doing at this season of my life.

But you guys, my butttttt…

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 10.30.13 AM.png

…in the voice of Nasim Pedrad as Kim K. Seriously though. It hurts.

I am loving the variety Tone It Up brings to my week. It is the best in helping me find the balance of playing instead of working right now.

Silly things I am doing differently:

  1. Lurking in the community on Instagram. Still too shy to comment.

    ToneItUp on Insta
  2. Not looking at the Week at a Glance schedule when they email it ahead of time. I like the surprise each morning of opening my Daily Workout page on my phone, and not knowing what I’ll be challenged to do today.
  3. NOT doing the Look for Love videos. They look intense, so that’s great. But I had never bought a Tone It Up video series before – I had always just done their freebies on YouTube + the Daily Moves + a Walk or a Short Run (I am still not yet 10 months postpartum, so that was my excuse!). ANYWAY. I had planned on buying the next challenge butttt… I missed the beach backgrounds!! Tone It Up’s unique attraction, for me, really lay in their settings! They were always picking these TO DIE FOR beaches in Hawaii or the Turks and Caicos to film their workouts – and it made you feel like following along was an escape, not a chore!beach-bombhsell-workout-tone-it-up-beach-babeSo I purchased the Beach Babe 2 series from their website, for $34. I have LOVED the workouts, and most of the time it is easy to figure out which one I should swap for in the “Look for Love” Booty Call of the day. I get a little FOMO sometimes for the series, but ultimately I am happy with my decision and would probably recommend it for anyone wanting to jump in and not sure if they are ready for the current series, for whatever reason.

The main thing I am loving about doing this series, is that it will get me through the two HARDEST MONTHS OF THE YEAR. With babies anyway. They’re dark, gloomy, ugly and depressing. But with my ocean view workouts, [and The Bachelor every Monday], they are already flying by. When I am done with this series I will be almosttttt done with winter (spring comes to NC mid March)… and I will be strong and ready to fully enjoy the beautiful, blossoming outdoors!

I’m heading out the door now for a run… the Booty Call today was for a 5k, but I am being cautious of my limits to avoid injury… I’m sticking to one mile and adding no more than 10% distance per week.


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