Tone It Up and some essential (cheap!) home workout gear

I have never done something like this before, but I started following Tone It Up and using their Daily Workouts. So far I am loving it because it is really hard to get bored! It also takes the mind-work out of what you are doing for the day.


The brand is super girly – the exercises are anything but! My former football and baseball playing husband was pretty impressed with what I was doing ;). Lots of HIIT.

They sell programs that include full length workout videos and your gear, but I am not quite ready for that yet! It’s enough of a challenge for me to just do the free Daily Moves. And I shopped around to find the best deals on the gear essentials.

I bought this foam roller, yoga mat, resistance band, small bands, and this balance ball – which came WITH a pump!…Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.26.00 PM

…all from Amazon. Holding my breath on how long that ball lasts cuz my almost-3 year old is OBSESSEDDDD. But the quality is really great for the price (and duh convenience)!

ps: I do get a small commission if you purchase these items!! that’s why I worked extra hard to share the best-priced ones 😉


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