and run free

I have a stubborn love for running. For five years now, I have strapped my son[s] into their Double BOB and rushed out the door 3-5 times a week. Running gives me energy to be a better mother, a more interesting spouse, and a happier person all round. I am not one of those superwomen who can run while pregnant, so for those 9 months here and there I walk, and swim laps, and do Ballet Beautiful on the mat in a sunny corner of the upstairs.

“…and run free” is the last part of Micah True (Caballo Blanco)’s advice to Chris McDougall in the epic book “Born to Run”:


This has long been my mantra while running, but it’s become my general motto in life as well.

This blog is dedicated to all things that keep me in love with my life in the throes of motherhood, not limited to a good stress-releasing workout. It is dedicated to friendships you can lean on, to books that let the light in, to stolen moments of silent prayer. To finding that spark, that joie de vivre, that something that frees you.

But most of all, this blog is about maintaining a fresh, optimistic perspective no matter what the challenge; it is about fulfilling your greatest potential and not worrying about the stats or the competition or the trends. If you find yourself stuck in the hardships of motherhood, I have been there… and I know it has nothing to do with being a good mother, or being cut out for the job. I truly believe, if you press in just a little harder, if you seek out your own outlet and energizer… that second wind is waiting for you.


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